Your Trainer

Jutka (yoot-ka) Terris trained her first German Shepherd Dog at age 11 in her native Hungary.  Today Jutka is an approved trainer for the American Kennel Club’s S.T.A.R. Puppy Program, a certified evaluator for the AKC Canine Good Citizen test and for Therapy Pets Unlimited.  She has helped thousands of people get off to the best start with their puppies in her small group AKC STAR Puppy classes as well as via private, in-home instruction.  Some of those puppies have gone on to earn their CGC certificate and a couple have even gone on to become therapy dogs!

Besides her extensive experience with puppy training, Jutka also takes great pride in helping people with their adult dogs, often rescues, whether it is to fix a problem behavior, or overcome fear or reactivity issues.  Last but not least, Jutka loves watching dog/handler teams have fun and strengthening their bond in her agility and tricks classes.  In all her interactions with dogs–and owners!–Jutka uses positive, motivational methods, and relies on her trademark empathy and humor.

When asked about her training philosophy, Jutka answered:

“My training style is motivational, positive training. I like clicker training, but usually let the owner decide if they are interested in using the clicker as a tool. I believe that each dog is unique and am always open to adjusting my approach, depending on the response I get. I like to think of myself as being a very creative problem solver, and also believe in the “whatever works, works” philosophy.

My clients often ask me why their dogs love me so much. I jokingly say that is is my warm and lovable personality, but I also believe that dogs appreciate the clarity I provide for them, and I reap the benefits of their positive association between me and fun, motivational training sessions. Such is the power of positive training!”

Jutka trained her German Shepherd, Juno, to be a Search and Rescue Dog.  They worked as a team, looking for missing people.