AKC STAR Puppy Classes

Is your puppy an AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy?  After this set of classes, he or she will be one–with an official AKC medal and certificate to prove it!  More importantly, your puppy will be on his way to be a well socialized and polite pooch for life. We teach the sit, down, come, heel, stay and then build on these basic commands to make pup polite at home, such as sitting and waiting for food and greeting visitors respectfully.  Small class size ensures that you get one-on-one help in each class from your AKC certified trainer, Jutka Terris! She also shares with you vital information on K9 body language, socialization, training principles and resources.  Each class begins with a fun, yet carefully monitored puppy play session!

The next session will take place at Affectionate Pet Care (3851 Pickett Road Fairfax, VA 22031) and will start on Saturday, January 20, at 4PM.  The other five dates are:  1/27, 2/3, 2/10, 2/17 and 2/24. Up to two missed classes can be made up.  Extra bonus at Affectionate Pet Care:  during puppy play time, the pups have the best “puppy playground:”  using the APC agility equipment, such as jumps, tunnels, tires, tables and weaves, they can learn to jump, crawl, balance and zig-zag! 

Sign up below, then please send me an email (trainer@puppyk.com) or text (703-447-1500)  to tell me your name, email and phone number as well as puppy’s name, breed, and birthday.  I WILL ALSO NEED AN EMAILED NOTE FROM YOUR VET OR A COPY OF YOUR LAST VET VISIT TO PROVE THAT YOUR PUP IS 100% HEALTHY.  Look forward to having you in class!

Puppy Socialization!

Pups become great friends, and learn important social skills, during puppy playtime, the first 15-20 minutes of each class!

Puppy Training at your Home

Your puppy deserves the full attention of search and rescue K9 handler and AKC certified dog trainer, Jutka Terris!  You deserve the convenience of having her come to your house. Private lessons are tailored to your specific needs as well as your puppy’s unique temperament and learning style.  Each in-home visit lasts an hour. Emphasis is on creating polite habits and preventing bad ones from developing; teaching pup the fundamentals of obedience using positive motivational techniques; and showing you and your kids how to have fun-safely-with your puppy!  Very reasonable prices are further discounted if you pre-purchase a package of at least six classes.

The best time to teach good habits for life is NOW!

Jutka and Minga the Cavachon Pup are having fun with new tricks!

Fun with Pup!  Agility and Tricks!

A special set of three very fun classes of new physical and mental challenges and pure play for your pup!

As you enter our training room, the agility equipment–jumps, tunnels, hoops, weaves and more–will be already set up, and during the first 20 minutes of class, the pups can explore these…while playing with the other puppies, too!  The second third of class, everyone will run, one-by-one, a mini “obstacle course.”  Here, you and puppy work as a team, and you are actually also teaching obedience, just in a very fun setting!  The last third of the class will be dedicated to learning a new trick, such as shake, high five, spin, and roll over.  Hard to know who will have more fun–you or your pup?!

Location:  Affectionate Pet Care (3851 Pickett Road, Fairfax, VA 22031).    Next class starts:  Saturday, October 21, 4PM.  Class 2:  October 28.  (We skip the first weekend of November)  Class 3:  November 11.   $99.


Agility is not only pure fun, but also builds a powerful bond between dog and handler!

Understanding your Puppy and Becoming a Master Trainer

Three classes that will make you understand your dog, and teach you the skills to be the best leader and trainer.   Class 1:  Clicker Training.  Class 2:  Dog Body Language.  Class 3:  How to be the Benevolent Leader of your Pack.

Location:  Affectionate Pet Care (3851 Pickett Road, Fairfax, VA 22031).    Next class starts:  Saturday, October 21, 5PM.  Class 2:  October 28.  (We skip the first weekend of November.)  Class 3:  November 11.


Number of classes

A dog’s body language speaks volumes–if you know what to look for!

Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Class and Test

We have a very specific goal in this class:  to get all dogs to pass the AKC Canine Good Citizenship test.  This is the best known, longest-standing basic good manners and obedience test.  It is a requirement for most therapy dog organizations.  And just a great personal goal to set for yourself and your dog.

My previous classes are excellent preparations for this test, but there are some special challenges here, such as walking up straight to another person with a dog, with your dog never attempting to meet the other, and then politely sitting by your side as you shake the hand of the other handler.  Or walking your dog on a loose leash in a “crowd” and never losing his attention to a stranger.  Or your dog staying with a stranger for 3 minutes while you leave the room.  And so on.

The last class will be the test itself.  Jutka is a qualified Canine Good Citizenship Evaluator with the AKC, but we may even bring in an outside evaluator from time to time.   This is a Pass/Fail test (Pass/Try Again Later, actually), so, alas, Jutka cannot pass your dog for great behavior in the previous classes–they have to pass all ten steps of the official test!  But after these classes, they will be READY!

Next session starts October 22 at 4PM.  Class 2: October 29; we skip a week; Class 3: November 12; Class 4: November 19; we skip Thanksgiving and the week after; Class 5: December 10; CGC Test: December 17.  At Affectionate Pet Care (3851 Pickett Road Fairfax, VA 22031).