Private Adult Dog Training

The saying “Old dogs can’t learn new tricks” could not be more wrong!  Dogs are capable of learning and changing their behavior at any age.  So whether you just adopted a rescue dog (congratulations!!!) and want to do some basic training, or you have a dog that has developed some problem behaviors, let a professional trainer help you!  Jutka Terris offers private classes, tailored to your specific needs and your dog’s personality and learning style.

Step one:  contact Jutka to set up an evaluation, and we will take it from there!   Email or call/text 703-447-1500.



Basic Manners Group Class

The perfect class for the previously untrained adolescent dog, the newly adopted rescue, or the adult dog that does not remember much from puppy classes or never attended one!   Dogs will learn all the basic commands:  sit, down, stay, heel, drop it, leave it, watch me, and come!  More importantly, they will use these newly learned skills to start lifelong polite habits, such as greeting people seated, without jumping; not pulling towards other dogs on walks; and quietly settling down at home, when asked to do so.  Owners will master training techniques that are positive, motivational, scientifically-proven and make learning fun for both them and their pooches!

Next 6-class session starts October 22.  Class times are 3-3:50PM on Sundays.  Class 1: 10/22; class 2: 10/29; we skip a week; class 3: 11/12; class 4: 11/19; we skip Thanksgiving weekend and the weekend after; class 5: 12/10; class 6: 12/17.   Up to two classes can be made up.  $199.  At Affectionate Pet Care (3851 Pickett Road Fairfax, VA 22031).

Sign up using PayPal or a credit card above.  After paying, please email, text or call Jutka with your name, the name of your dog, contact information and any questions!

Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Class and Test

We have a very specific goal in this class:  to get all dogs to pass the AKC Canine Good Citizenship test.  This is the best known, longest-standing basic good manners and obedience test.  It is a requirement for most therapy dog organizations.  And just a great personal goal to set for yourself and your dog.

My previous classes are excellent preparations for this test, but there are some special challenges here, such as walking up straight to another person with a dog, with your dog never attempting to meet the other, and then politely sitting by your side as you shake the hand of the other handler.  Or walking your dog on a loose leash in a “crowd” and never losing his attention to a stranger.  Or your dog staying with a stranger for 3 minutes while you leave the room.  And so on.

The last class will be the test itself.  Jutka is a qualified Canine Good Citizenship Evaluator with the AKC, but we may even bring in an outside evaluator from time to time.   This is a Pass/Fail test (Pass/Try Again Later, actually), so, alas, Jutka cannot pass your dog for great behavior in the previous classes–they have to pass all ten steps of the official test!  But after these classes, they will be READY!

Next session starts October 29 at 4PM; we skip a week; Class 2: November 12; Class 3: November 19; we skip Thanksgiving and the weekend after, but will agree on a weekday evening class for Class 4; Class 5: December 10; CGC Test: December 17.  At Affectionate Pet Care (3851 Pickett Road Fairfax, VA 22031).  

Sign up using PayPal or a credit card above.  After paying, please email, text or call Jutka with your name, the name, breed(s) and birthday of your dog, and your contact information (cell and email) and any questions!